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Open Source Software Projects

I have contributed a fair bit to open source software (or FOSS) projects in the past few years. The main ones are listed below. Check out my GitHub profile for my other contributions.

Just a note if you don't know: open source software projects usually accept contributions from others. As such, the projects listed below have contributions from other people wanting to improve the project (e.g. bugs fixes, documentation improvements, additional features), so they are not entirely my own work.

Dragonfly2 (maintainer)

Speech Recognition Framework Python package

Note: I am not the original author of dragonfly, I just maintain and develop an active fork of the original project.


JSpeech Grammar Format (JSGF) compiler, matcher and parser Python package


Alternative Python API for CMU Pocket Sphinx

Miscellaneous Projects

Android & iOS Apps

Timers Android App

Multiple countdown timers Android app

Sound Stop iOS App

Decibel-based audio playback control app for iOS

TTS Util Android App

Text-to-speech Utility Android app

Contact me

If you want to get in touch with me, the best way is email. My address is dane at danefinlay dot net. The dot com address also works.

My GitHub and Gitter usernames are both @Danesprite if you want to "mention" me.

My public key is available here if you want to communicate securely.

I've written my address as above to make it slightly harder for spammers to scrape it without requiring some JavaScript to see it.