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Android App: TTS Util

TTS Util is a text-to-speech utility app I put together in 2019.


Description & Features

TTS Util is a utility app for synthesising text into audible speech using Android's text-to-speech framework. It has the following features:

Please see the store link for screenshots.

TTS Engine Requirement

This app is not itself a TTS engine. A separate text-to-speech engine app is required in order for this app to function. Most devices should come with one preinstalled.

App Permissions


Free software license

This app is free software licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. You can change it to do what you want, more easily understand how it works and even use parts of it in other software if you want, provided the use is permitted by the license.

Text synthesis errors

Sometimes the selected text-to-speech (TTS) engine will fail to synthesise text into audible speech. This can occur both when synthesising text for playback or when recording synthesised text into wave files. A message will be shown if this occurs.

TTS Util will do its best to tell you what went wrong. Unfortunately, the selected TTS engine may not use the different error codes available in recent Android versions. If it doesn't, then you will get a generic error message. I have listed the reasons for text synthesis errors below, retrieved from Android's text-to-speech API documentation in June 2019:

  1. The TTS engine couldn't synthesise all or a part of the given text or text file.
  2. The TTS engine failed unexpectedly (i.e. an engine bug).
  3. The TTS engine failed to send audio output, either to the audio device or the wave file.
  4. The TTS engine failed due to network connectivity problems.
  5. The TTS engine failed due to a network timeout.
  6. The TTS engine failed because voice data was not installed.
Icon for my TTS Util Android App.